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  Position or Occupation
(these are guidelines only, your employer
will determine which check is required)
Criminal Record Check Vulnerable Sector Check
1. Accountant Requires CRC
2. Adoption (Must be fingerprinted)* Requires CRC VSC
Requires CRC VSC
(as described in policy)
3. Attendant in animal shelter/dog walker Requires CRC
4. Attendant in children's petting zoo   Requires VSC
5. Bank Teller Requires CRC
6. Big Brother / Big Sister   Requires VSC
7. Counselor/Psychologist   Requires VSC
8. Daycare Worker and the board of Directors   Requires VSC
9. Driving instructor for youth   Requires VSC
10. Factory Worker Requires CRC
11. Food Vendor Requires CRC
12. Foster Parents/Resident in Foster or Kinship Home   Requires VSC
13. Hospitality (bars, restaurants, hotels) Requires CRC
14. Host Family/Boarding Parent   Requires VSC
15. Immigration/Permanent Resident Requires CRC
16. Labourer/Trades/Maintenance Requires CRC
17. Landlord/Superintendent Requires CRC
18. Landscaper Requires CRC
19. Lawyer/Notary Public Requires CRC
20. Massage Therapist/Chiropractor   Requires VSC
21. Minor Sporting Coach   Requires VSC
22. Name Change Requires CRC
23. Nursing/Retirement Home Worker   Requires VSC
24. Office Manager/Worker/Administration Staff Requires CRC
25. Personal Requires CRC
26. Police Officer/ Peace Officer   Requires VSC
27. Professional Licencing Requires CRC
28. Realtor Requires CRC
29. Residential Care Aid/Caregiver   Requires VSC
30. Retail Sales/Bank Teller Requires CRC
31. Retail Store Clerk Requires CRC
32. School Bus Driver   Requires VSC
33. School Crossing Guard   Requires VSC
34. School Teacher/Teaching Assistant/Tutor   Requires VSC
35. Scout Leader   Requires VSC
36. Security guard (Provincially Licenced)   Requires VSC
37. Server in a restaurant Requires CRC
38. Social Worker
(no contact with youth, elderly or vulnerable persons)
Requires CRC
39. Social Worker
(contact with youth, elderly or vulnerable persons)
  Requires VSC
40. Students (For school placements)
(no contact with youth, elderly or vulnerable persons
Requires CRC
41. Students (For school placements)
(contact with youth, elderly or vulnerable persons)
  Requires VSC
42. Support Worker   Requires VSC
43. Switchboard/receptionist Requires CRC
44. Taxi Drivers/Ride Share Drivers   Requires VSC
45. Tenant for rental property Requires CRC
46. Truck Driver Requires CRC
47. Volunteers
(no contact with youth, elderly or vulnerable persons)
Requires CRC
48. Volunteers
(contact with youth, elderly or vulnerable persons)
  Requires VSC
49. Warehouse worker Requires CRC
50. Working Visa Requires CRC
51. Youth Worker   Requires VSC